SE 82nd and Stark

Thomas is a 93 year old gentleman and knows the meaning of a lifetime jacket. He has probably lived in Portland his whole life, we simply had to go out to 82nd to find him.

p.s. This is the last planned post, for, uh, forever? Tim lost all motivation to take photos of people he didn’t know, and instead decided to take mental photos of well-dressed people and real photos of well-dressed landscapes. Find the latter at

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So, as it turns out, sometimes life happens. This is to say that Charlotte and I have both been quite busy tending to our school and social needs, and have had little time to go out and capture how everyone has been bundling up for fall. We suspect regular posts will resume soon, but likely at a more sustainable pace than at the original launch of the site.

We do want to reward your regular visits!

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Shameless Self-Promotion

Tim is having a photography show at the end of this month. It is almost completely unrelated to fashion despite the fact that this is a fashion photoblog and that’s all you have seen so far. If you’d like to help him Kickstart the show, click on over!

Tim’s photography show.

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Elisabeth and Willy

SW 11th and Stark. Highlights: the formality of Elisabeth’s trench coat and shiny shoes adds the perfect flair to an otherwise casual outfit, and Willy’s pink cardigan seems to have the same effect. We thought they looked perfectly at home in their style.

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Rest assured, we are doing our homework. Charlotte is diligently studying French for an upcoming exam, as she is about to complete her graduate education. Tim has been reading magazines, blogs and any passing fashion snippet that the wind brings by. He saw Rufus Wainwright sing “Men reading fashion magazines…” and felt at peace. A couple things have caught our eye recently.

Borrowed from The Sartorialist...

If you haven’t been following The Sartorialist, start now. They have been posting prolifically, and being in a city like New York, the posts have been stellar as of late.

A good couple hours with the New York Times’ Style Magazine for fall 2010 is also in order. Highlights include nearly all of the writing on everything from female body type trends to Ungaro, and all of the conceptual photo shoots are stellar. We’re keeping our eyes peeled for short heels, which the magazine showcased beautifully on pg. 108.

We’re incredibly excited for fall and all its jackets and boots. See you out there!

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The Plan

We plan to update every other day. Sometimes, we will unapologetically take a short break. Now is one of those times. See you next week!

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SW 11th and Stark. Aidan is a rare and well-dressed find in the sea of Portland cyclists. We like that her outfit is casual, yet not athletic.

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NW 13th and Hoyt. It was crisp enough for a cardigan on this sunny Portland morning, and Raymond perfectly prepared with a clean, simple dark blue and bright white theme. Not visible here, but notable, was his thin, tan leather belt. A perfect hint of warmth to complement the colder tones.

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Christa and Ashley – Take Two

The dresses required another look at Christa and Ashley as they might be found walking along the sidewalk.

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Christa and Ashley

SW 11th and Stark. We immediately noticed Christa and Ashley, especially Christa’s striking white dress and perfect posture as she sat on the bench. These two perfectly capture summertime from head to toe.

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